Origin Story: Chapter 1 | WritingClubWorld.com launches

Origin Story: Chapter 1 | WritingClubWorld.com launches

I’m so excited! WritingClubWorld.com went live today, less than 3 weeks after my having the original idea. I’m going to keep a diary of how it goes, week by week because I have a feeling this is going to grow and grow and I want to remember every minute of it.

My software guy did an amazing job of interpreting my initial enthusiastic warbles, after asking me lots of questions and he delivered EARLY! I’m so glad I found him a couple of years ago. He’s made some nice little business plugins for me and so I was confident he was ready for a bigger project. Turns out he’s previously worked on sites with 26,000+ members!

Now, we are already – within a day of launching – attracting visitors from the UK, USA, Greece, Spain, Serbia and Ireland. See the pic!
Isn’t that magical? That you can put a website up and if you get the basic SEO (search engine optimisation) right, people start finding you. Most of our visitors have come from the Bing search engine so far, but we’ve just had our first Google organic search visitor so we’ve been indexed.

I’ve set up the Facebook page and started the first FB Likes campaign – which is the most inexpensive to start getting some attention. You choose the country, ages and interests of the people most likely to Like your page, they see a summary in their timeline, or on the side and they click Like. If you are lucky and set your page up right, they’ll click through to check out the website, but you can’t rely on that. So you have to update your page regularly and give people a reason to click through.

I’ll be sharing the first paragraph of new stories and inviting other writers to come and review them as well as sharing updates like this one.

If you are a writer or know one, do come over to showcase your writing. No charge!

I’ll look forward to seeing you in our private Facebook community too!

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