About Us

About Us

Hello and welcome!  I'm Nicola Cairncross and I founded WritingClubWorld.com after realising that many writers are lonely and don't have access to the one thing that is making me a better writer - my writing club!

I'm an aspiring science fiction novelist who has written for years for business, but never been brave enough to write fiction before.  I'm enjoying it enormously!  

This website features cutting-edge software where you can upload your stories, earn credits by reviewing other writers' work and then get critiqued by your peers.

We offer a lively community as well as the latest resources and listings and much, much more.  

Get started, register free as a writer by clicking this link.

You might also enjoy the year-old, weekly podcast which features the other members of my writing group, Stephanie Rouse, Pat Woolfe, Theresa Stoker, Linda Jackim Werlein and Heather Worsley, called WriteClubThePodcast.com.

It was while helping to interview the writers on the podcast that I realised how lonely many writers feel and how much they would value feedback on their work during the writing process.

WritingClubWorld.com aims to become a virtual writing club for aspiring writers and published authors around the world.

There is no charge to register as a writer.  The site is going to be supported 100% by Patreon and also by sharing recommended resources that I use myself and enjoy, earning a tiny commission from that.

I welcome feedback so do feel free to let me know what you think by using the Contact page here, I answer every email personally.

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