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Nicola Cairncross, aspiring sci-fi author & founder of this site

I never thought I could become a fiction writer.  I've written five business books but that was relatively easy.  And then I was invited to join a Writing Club.  

Over the next few months, with the support of Stephanie, Linda, Heather, Theresa and Pat, I started writing fiction.  First short stories, then short stories with dialogue, then after just three months, I had an idea for a novel.

I went looking for some further tuition and I found the Snowflake Method, which helped a lot with plotting and character.  Then I signed up for a paid writing course called "Write To The End Of Your Novel" and I'm looking forward to starting that shortly.

However, by far the thing that has helped me most, in becoming a better writer, is the constructive feedback of my Writing Group.  

Every two weeks, we all have to produce work for peer review, which keeps all of our novels moving forward.  Then there's the podcast...where we read our "work in progress" out loud to hundreds of people online!  

I discovered that not everybody has access to such a wonderful resource as a Writing Group locally. Perhaps you are living in a remote location, working abroad or have small children.  Well, if so, is for you.  We can become your online Writing Club.

Our mission at is to help you succeed as a writer.

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